Tuning In To Your Potential 

What could you do or be if you fully recognised, embraced and started living to your true potential?

Every person has a unique set of talents and skills – their treasure – which when used fully is their gift to the world.
When operating at their full potential people feel fully alive, everything flows, and they love their life and work.
And when that magic works for everybody, teams, businesses and organisations thrive and flourish. Wherever you are on your life journey, I look forward to supporting you to achieve your dreams and goals.

An ITOL accredited brain friendly trainer, and qualified coach and mentor, Sue is a member of the Association for Coaching, associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, and member of the Institute of Hospitality.


Working With Me

Engaging One on One

Do you recognise any of these challenges?

You are:

  • At a crossroads in your life and not sure which way to go
  • Needing to change your circumstances, relationships, career direction
  • Under increasing stress at work to perform
  • Wanting more control over your life
  • At the top of your own particular ladder of success and finding it leaning against the wrong wall….

then I would love to work with you on your own tailored way forward.  I promise that I will: 

  • Provide a safe environment in which you can explore your potential
  • Offer absolute confidentiality for your most private thoughts
  • Focus your attention and effort on action to move yourself forward
  • Help to make the most effective use of your time and energy
  • Support you if the going gets tough
  • Provide you with ideas and tools to create balance in your personal and business life
  • Encourage you to reach out and achieve your most cherished dreams
  • Challenge, stimulate, inspire and guide you to perform at your best and to keep on growing


Working in Groups

For people working towards the same goals, collaborating in group sessions brings a new dynamic, and additional insights and learnings. Facilitated group workshops are also very time and cost effective.

Effective communication is the cornerstone of all good relationships – with ourselves as well as with others, so it lies at the heart of all group sessions. 

Specific content is tailored to meet stated objectives, and may include several of the following:

  • Assertiveness and confidence building
  • Dealing with difficult people and situations
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Finding your flow in a team, team building
  • Managing stress and developing resilience
  • Presenting with impact
  • Time management and organisation
  • Whole life balance

The facilitation style is brain friendly, interactive and designed to engage participation, which increases retention and secures individuals’ commitment to lasting change. 

Group sessions can be delivered face to face within the UK, and online worldwide.

Happy Client Testimonials

"Becoming assertive and realising the range of things that I have control over were direct products of coaching. Sue brings calm strength and grace to her sessions. I consider my coaching time very well spent."
Public service team leader

"The team very much enjoyed the course and the pace and style of delivery, and were able to use some of the approaches and techniques straight away to really start to develop some of their ideas about service excellence."
Head of Operations Support, FTSE 100 Communications Company

"Sue’s coaching was very useful in allowing me to explore myself and the way I do things.  It highlighted many ways I can improve not only my clinical performance, but also my daily life, mood, stress management, confidence, and communication with others.  I experienced instant and sustained results."

"Sue has been a fantastic course leader. I feel I have gained a lot from the course which will be beneficial to myself and trainees going forward."
Engineer on Train the trainer course

"After trying many different therapies and techniques for getting my life on track, I was at a loss to find a way forward. Coaching gave me the opportunity to prioritise the aspects of my life I found difficult to focus on.  Since  eginning the coaching I am able to achieve far greater results than I ever have before in work, relationships and even my spirituality."
Complementary therapist

“Sue’s personal qualities of being perceptive and personable combined with her high level of professionalism make her an excellent coach.”

"I found the course informative, useful, thought provoking and confidence building, enjoying it far more than I imagined I would. I was particularly impressed with Sue's ability to engage a room and her effectiveness in ensuring that all attendees received enough valuable attention."
Project Manager on Professional presentations workshop

A Book Of Pearls

Do you need inspiration, upliftment, motivation, or simply a thought-provoking gift to give to somebody special?
From ancient sages to modern day thought leaders, this eclectic mix of ideas and sayings touches on eight connected aspects of the human condition:  Laughter, Love, Connection, Purpose, Humanity, Learning and Growing, Overcoming, The Natural World.